My 7 Favourite Life Hacks to Living Happier

I get it. So many people will tell you what morning routine/exercise/foods to eat/essential oils to burn/books to read/journaling prompts to use. 

I’m guilty of that too. When I find a tool that has really helped me, I naturally want to share it to help other people.

But let’s be honest, most of us are just about getting through each day. 

I have my own business, a home to run, bills to pay, dinners to cook, three small humans to keep alive and that’s before I’ve even given myself a little love and attention, which, in all seriousness, I need in order to remain (somewhat) sane. 

I’m not joking, by the time 7 o’clock comes around I’m battling to stay awake and could very easily curl up on my sofa and allow my body some well deserved rest. And although I do allow times for this much needed rest, It’s not always possible. 

I’m not a fan of pushing yourself to work so hard that you neglect everything else around you. I’m not a fan of “I’ll rest when I’m dead.” I’m not a fan of making things unnecessarily difficult or piling on my to-do’s because although I work hard, I work smarter and I also like to enjoy life. We weren’t put on this Earth to pay bills and then die. 

Now, I’m all for enjoying the journey and going with the flow, but I also like to make things happen and if I can find a shortcut or a hack to help me, you’re damn right I’m going to do it. 

I don’t mean doing things half-hearted or slap-dash, I’m talking about getting a supermarket to deliver my shopping if I don’t have time to physically go there, or buying some diced onions if I want to cook in a hurry. The time I save by not dicing onions, I could use doing homework with my kids, or sitting down for 5 minutes!!

I want to invite you to simplify your life, kill two (or more) birds with one stone, find some hacks that help you live life slightly more stress-free or happier. Here are some of my favourites and if you have any pearls of wisdom, I’d love to hear them! I’m always looking for ways to make life easier. 

My 7 favourite life hacks to living happier:

  1. Audiobooks
    Finding the time to sit down and actually read a book in peace is so difficult, right? But there are so many books on your wish list that you wish you could just plug in and download all of the content that could be life changing. Well, I have a solution, you can listen to audiobooks while you cook, clean, iron, workout, while you’re in the shower or even while you’re on the toilet if that’s your thing! Personally, I only listen to self-development books by audio as I can listen to them time and time again to give me the tools I need to live happier.
  2. Phone Reminders
    I’m serious, we all have these fancy smartphones but do we actually utilize them? If you are making the most of a free subscription, as soon as you sign up, set a reminder on your phone when to cancel or when it expires and you won’t be caught out.
    Phone reminders are also great for mood boosters. Try it! I have about 4 or 5 reminders set to pop up throughout the day and remind me how lucky I am or how loved I am. You can use your favourite affirmations or just remind yourself “I am beautiful” or “smile”. Trust me, it makes such a difference to your day. You only check your phone to see the time and your screen is lit up with the words “You are enough”. It might sound so small and simple but it’s really powerful.
  3. Bulk cooking
    Let’s just put it out there. I. Love. Food.
    Fewer things make me happier than a good meal. If you want to be my friend, you have to be ok with eating pretty much all day.
    I have come to terms with the fact that if I want to eat nice food, I have to cook it. I’m ok with that. But do I really have to stand in the kitchen for an hour and cook every single day? I like getting a takeaway as much as the next person, but I don’t want to live off of them.
    When I first heard of “bulk cooking” or “batch cooking” I was blown away. Cook once and eat twice or 3 times?!
    To cut a long story short, I’m now hooked and my freezer is usually packed full of pre-made dinners and wholesome, hearty foods that can be reheated within minutes and minimal washing up.
  4. Facemasks
    How many times have I told myself “I just don’t have the time” when I know that my skin is in some desperate need of some TLC?
    Well, I call BS on myself.
    I now apply a facemask when I’m bathing the kids or hoovering or doing the washing up or ironing OR if I’m feeling particularly rebellious, I will apply a facemask and then sit down and read or, shock horror, relax.
  5. Delegating and Outsourcing
    We all looooove to complain about the many, many things we have to do and the sooooo little time we have to do it all. We love to moan about how no one helps us and and we’re doing it all by ourselves and everyone else is lazy and, oh my god are you bored yet too?
    It’s really not that hard. If there’s a task you hate doing, delegate or outsource it. Get your other half involved, get your kids involved, ask for help from parents, friends, family, neighbours or even professionals.
    If your neighbours kids and your kids go to the same school, can you arrange that you alternate doing the school run?
    If you despise doing the cleaning, can you, at the very least, enquire how much a cleaner would be, even once a month? (Or if you’re like me, get the kids to help out more to earn their gaming time)
    Do you have way too much on your plate at work and feel like you’re constantly trying to tread water, can you delegate any of it? Hire an assistant or virtual assistant? Even if it’s for 2 hours a week.
  6. Say “No!”
    This is arguably the best hack of them all!
    If you don’t like or don’t want to do something, just say no. Don’t take on more work just to make someone else’s  life easier if it’ll rob you of your precious happiness and/or time.
    Saying “no” and setting those boundaries for myself has been a key player in my own happiness. Yes, ok, there are a few people that have thrown a strop about it because I’m not catering to their every need anymore, but I’m not in charge of their happiness and mine is (and should be) more of a priority anyway.
  7. Flood your life with positivity
    If you want to feel more up-beat and positive, yes cut out as much negativity as you can, but more than that, you have to place an order for more positivity to flood in.
    Use the phone reminders (hack #2) to recite affirmations every day.
    Only allow media into your life that makes you feel good. So, Only watch TV and films that make you feel good. Only listen to music that makes you feel good. Only follow social media accounts (business and personal) that make you feel good. Only consume content that adds to your life instead of draining you.
    I have stopped watching so much crappy TV and stop endlessly scrolling through social media (and regularly take a break to detox from it all) as it really has a strong beneficial effect on my overall mood, the way I feel and on my mental health.

The truth is, There is so much we can do to simplify our lives but for some reason we have come to believe that being busy 24/7 and stressing out about all the many things we have yet to do is like wearing some kind of badge of honor. 


Don’t fall for it. 

Find your hacks to make your life more stress-free and free up some time to feed your soul.
What area of your life do you need to simplify and what are your life hacks?
Put them in the comments as your hack might just help us change our lives too!

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