How to change Limiting Beliefs

If you read last week’s blog post

You don’t have to believe a belief

Then you are already familiar with what a belief is and what it isn’t.

In my coaching sessions, I work with people all the time to help them change their limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs.

During our coaching sessions, we also use some amazing NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) techniques that really help to train the brain to take on this new empowering belief.

But fear not. I have a great way for you to start the transformation process.

Actually, the transformation had already happened.

You’re only reading this because you believe, on some level, that it’s possible for you to have more empowering beliefs that support your success. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have even bothered reading up to this point.

As I said in last weeks post, your beliefs are there to try to help you. And while they may have helped you at some point in your life, if they’re no longer serving you to your highest good anymore, it’s time to gently let them go and replace them with more empowering beliefs.

This is a writing exercise, so I want you to get your favourite journal, notebook or scrap envelope.

This is an exercise that I do with my clients called the “why I can” exercise.

The only reason you’ve convinced yourself that you can’t, is because you have got very creative with memorizing false evidence that supports that belief.

If you can have a list of reasons to hand why you can, then your subconscious starts to get curious and question your previous belief.

Here’s the why I can exercise.

Open your journal to a fresh new page and think of a goal you want to achieve or are currently working towards achieving. Write it down.

Now, list 3 – 5 excuses that are your go-to reasons for why you “can’t” achieve this goal. 

For example, “I don’t have enough money,” “I don’t have enough time” and “I’m just not strong enough.”

Write down your first excuse as a title and under it, write “this is not true because…”

Now list all of the reasons you can think of that support the opposite of this excuse.

For example, 

“I don’t have enough money”

This is not true because…

  • I pay all of my bills every month.
  • If I want to go on holiday, I save to make it happen
  • I could think of ways to earn more money
  • I could think of ways to save money
  • There is around $80 trillion in the world, I just need to find a way to get a miniscule fraction of it. 

You get the point…

Do this for every one of the 3-5 excuses you have listed. 

Now, look at your first excuse. It’s purpose was to protect you from potential danger, harm or upset in some form. I want you to say the following out loud, in a kind yet firm tone: 

Thank you for trying to protect me, but you’re no longer serving me. You can go now.

Get a thick black pen and cross out your first excuse and replace it with a new belief of why you can.

For example,

I don’t have enough money I spend my money wisely and to fund my dreams
Do this for each one of your 3-5 excuses.
While you’re on a roll, add another 5-10 supportive reasons for why you can achieve your goals, be happy, succeed in life and do anything you set your mind to.

What limiting beliefs are you going to work on while using the why I can exercise?

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