Do your heart’s desires belong to someone else?

Sometimes we’re unsure of what we want, and sometimes we have no clue at all.

Sometimes we think we want something that in reality, we don’t truly desire it’s just something that society or our environment tells us we should want so we convince ourselves it’s what we want too.

For example, we’re told that laying on a white sandy beach with the hot sun on our face and a fruity cocktail in our hands is paradise.

And to some people it is!

But what if you don’t drink, or if you have sensitive skin, or you hate being in the sun, or hate the feel of sand between your toes, or you hate sitting still or all of the above?

You might think it’s ridiculous but it happens all the time.

People study law, medicine or something else because it’s what their parents wanted for them.

People get married because it’s what they think is the next “right” step to take.

People follow diet trends and hobbies and television programs and lifestyle choices and even beliefs not because it serves them positively or brings them joy but because society tells them they should.

How do I know what I really want, you ask?

When I want to get really clear about something, I reach for my journal. I free-write about my ideal situation for whatever I want clarity over.

Without judgement or thought for spelling, grammar, the neatness of my handwriting or thinking too much about it, I let my hand freely express what my heart and soul desires in an ideal scenario.

After you’ve finished, wait an hour before rereading and you might be surprised with what you read.

It could be to do with love, family life, your career, your habits, your goals, your next holiday, anything! just let it flow and let it out.

Subconsciously you already know what would make your heart sing.

You’re unique and so are your wants and desires. Honor them. For they are just as valid as anyone else’s.

What does your heart call for? Take 5 minutes to free write now.

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