“New Year, New Me” Or Is It?

Surely it can’t just be me who gets fed up of the “New year, new me” posts on social media?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for people empowering themselves and making changes to improve their lives, and I’ll even be your biggest cheerleader. What I have a problem with is that most of these people saying “New year, new me” never actually do anything new.

How can you continue doing the same things you done last year, but expect a new outcome? The clue is in the title. New things have to be done.

I have clients come to me daily saying they want change, they want to be this or do that, but when you ask them “What are you currently doing to make that happen?” More often than not, I get the same reply. Nothing.

Which, actually, is a great starting point and often the realisation alone is enough to open their eyes. But I still think it makes a really good point.

We ask for change in our lives ‘I want to be thinner‘, ‘I want to be richer‘, ‘I want to have more confidence‘, ‘I want to learn a new language‘. We ask for change for weeks, months and even years without actually making any changes.

Even when we make one or two changes, things get hard or we don’t get the results we want, and so we give up and say things like “It’s just not meant to be” or “I’m just not built like that“. When in reality, we haven’t tried very hard at all and so, it leaves me with the question, Do you really want the change you’re asking for?

In order to change, you need to make changes. Some may work better than others, but the way you’re currently doing things isn’t working so great, which is why you’re desiring change.

The only reason you have the desire for change is because, at a deeper level, you know that its available to you. I’ve never heard of anyone feeling depressed because the wings they want to fly aren’t spouting out of their shoulder blades. It’s just not possible. But your desires are!

If you didn’t think it was possible, you wouldn’t want it. Ok, it might not be easy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have it.

So how committed are you?

How much do you want it?

If you need some help along the way, it’s not too late to sign up for Rhi-vive Your Mindset to help you get into a more problem-solving mindset with a can-do attitude. Because you can do it. I know you can!

Let’s just talk about possibilities for a second.
I want you brain-storm IDEAS. At this point, it’s only ideas and possibilities that are options you COULD take, if you chose to.

Brain-storm as many ideas as you can possibly think that could help bring on the change that you want. No idea is too small or too obvious.

Next, I want you highlight just 3 that you could implement into your life right now without too much aggravation or disruption.

Now pick one that you will act on TODAY. And do it.

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