Dealing with Failure

The number one reason why we never go after what we want is because we don’t believe it can be done.
We believe we will fail, we are not worthy, we don’t know how, we don’t have the right tools, resources, upbringing, family history, confidence, dress size, shoe size, hair length or whatever lame excuse we come up with.

We set ourselves up for failure before we’ve even begun. We don’t even give ourselves the chance to try.

I once heard this quote…
there is no such thing as failure. Only success or growth‘.

At first, it feels like something they just put on a poster in a sort of ‘everyone’s a winner‘ type thing. But stop and think about it.

We go through so much turbulence in life and it all helps us to learn and grow.

You wouldn’t walk into your first Spanish class and expect to be fluent in the language the first time you open your mouth.

When a baby is learning to walk, we don’t give up on her the first time she falls and say “Oh well, I guess this one’s not a walker“.

Instead, we provide love, patience and encouragement.

Imagine if we gave ourselves the same treatment.
Oh the miracles we would create!

It is true that you may not know how to do everything when you first set out. You may have to learn new skills, ask for outside help, look at things from a difference perspective, fall on your face in order to find what doesn’t work but everything you need is available to you.

The story goes that Isaac Newton “failed” over 9000 times before he successfully invented the light bulb.

Henry Ford argued with world-class engineers about whether it was possible to create the V8 motor or not. They experimented for years, proving again and again that he was “wrong” and it couldn’t be done before one day, Henry Ford was proved right. By the way, he had already gone bankrupt to prove he had already “failed“.

Simon Cowell was also very close to bankruptcy after his company went under. He spent his last bit of money getting a taxi to his parent’s house, praying the fare wouldn’t be more than £5 note in his hand. He got back up and went on to make millions.

Ray Charles started to loose his sight at the age of five, not long after watching his brother drown and by seven, was completely blind. He grew up to learn how to play the piano and became one of the worlds most loved singer-songwriters, all whilst being a blind, young black man in the south in the 1950’s and 1960’s. This man had so much stacked against him and decided he would follow his heart anyway.

Tererai Trent was born in a small African village in the West province. She was not allowed to go to school because her family were poor and being a female, she was only ever destined to be a wife so there was no need for an education. Undeterred, she taught herself from her brother’s books and started doing his homework too. Eventually, the teachers realised the homework was a much better quality than her brother’s school work and begged her father to allow Tererai to attend the school. She was there for only a short time before her father married her off in exchange for a cow. By 18 she had three young children and an abusive husband. Cut a long story short, she went to America with her five children and not only earned a bachelor’s degree and her master’s, but also a PhD too. She also works very passionately to helping young girls in Africa to receive an education and empower them with hope, possibilities and opportunities for their future.

Yes, there are people who have it easier than you. But there are also people who have it harder than you and have already decided they would go for it anyway.

Success leaves clues. Many have traveled before us and paved the way to make it easier for us.

Yes, you may get things wrong and have to course-correct, but remember, the only time you fail is when you don’t even try.

Is your heart calling you to do something? The secret to getting ahead is to get started. Do something now that will force you to get started. Tell someone and ask them to hold you accountable, share it with your community, sign up for the class, build the website, buy the materials or get out your pen and paper and brainstorm how to make it work.
Whatever you do, do it now. Time waits for no man (or woman).

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