Fill Your Cup

For a long time, I’ve struggled to find the right balance of work, play and rest.

I’m either using everything I have to push through to something I want, work 24/7 and end up burning out, or I’m ‘taking some time out‘ which actually means I’m procrastinating.

Recently, However, I really feel like I’ve found a sweet-spot. I make time for myself a priority, I love what I do for work but also have boundaries in place so I don’t work too much and I plan fun things to do with people I enjoy being around so I have a nice balance.

I’ve also found it helpful to not be too rigid in my weekly to-do’s. I list out all the things I have to do that week and do whatever I feel most compelled to do each day. Being so organised usually means I achieve much more than if I didn’t list everything, and because I’m being so productive, if I’m having a bad day and need some time to myself, or something comes up that I’d like to partake in, I know I can do that guilt-free because most (if not all) of my work is already done.

The saying goes “You can’t pour from an empty cup” and I totally agree. You can’t give what you don’t have to give. Filling your cup is so important. For a number of different reasons. It’s important for you, of course it is, but it’s also really beneficial to those around you too. Here’s what I notice about myself when I fill my cup.

  • I’m more motivated.
  • I’m more productive.
  • I’m happier and more optimistic.
  • I have more patience.
  • I’m kinder and sympathetic.
  • I keep to my boundaries better.
  • I’m more fun to be around.
  • I have great ideas (for business, days out, things to do, dinner).
  • I’m more attentive and affectionate to my loved ones.
  • I spend money more wisely.
  • I treat my body and my health better.
  • I feel more alive.

I mean, when I just ready that back, I thought to myself “Who wouldn’t want to feel like that? Why wouldn’t I fill my cup more often?

If only we took note of how we feel when we fill our cups. In whatever way that looks like for you. Travelling, skateboarding, cooking, cycling, live music, deep conversations, rom-coms, gardening, star-gazing, teapot collecting, jewelry making, toenail painting, car modifying, Youtube watching or fishing. It all counts to help us kick back and enjoy some of the the things we’re passionate about in life.

Let’s look at how you can fill your cup.
Sit somewhere quiet and think about these questions…

What lights up my soul and makes me heart sing?

What do I do when I want to relax?

What hobbies do I have that help me recharge, either physically or mentally?

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