Making Upgrades

Do you ever dream up all the things you’d do and buy if you had the money? Like if you was born rich or suddenly won the lottery?

I know I do. I think ‘If money was no problem I’d buy these clothes or go on that holiday.’

But do you just accept defeat and that it’s a fantasy? Or do you make plans to make those things happen?

Sometimes we think we have no options because we don’t have the money to fund our dream life. But we can make small upgrades in different areas of our lives to help us get closer to where we want to be.

What do I mean by this? Imagine each upgrade is like a promotion towards your dream life. The more you upgrade your life, the more promotions you get and the closer you are to where you want to be.

I’m not saying you have to start saving your money to buy a mansion, but if you hate where you’re living, you could look into your options on moving, or even find a way to spruce up your current home to give it a new feel and a more enjoyable place to live.

If you want to go on a trip or take some time off, but don’t have a lot of spare money, you can look on websites like Air b’n’b, home swap, youth hostels or visit friends or family. You could start saving £20 a month and start searching things to do in that area for free. Just having plans in place and something to look forward to will drastically improve your mood and uplift you.

If what you want is to buy some new clothes that make you feel good and beautiful, I’m not suggesting you need to go and spend thousands, you could start with one or two pieces or you could buy second hand in a Charity shop/Thrift store or a vintage shop or even swap clothes with a friend. You may want to start even smaller than that and upgrade your underwear draw.

Do your towels need replacing? Do your photos need updating? Does your door squeak every time you open it? Have your curtain seen better days? Do your carpets need a good clean?

Upgrades don’t always have to cost money, but even if they do, don’t let that put you off. Money is a renewable resource and it will always flow to someone who has purpose and plans.

If you’re wondering where to start with your upgrades, I’d suggest start with the place that brings you the most unhappiness. It might be your diet, your friendships, your job, your finances, your dinnerware, your social life, any of the examples from above or something else.

Get your journal and take two minutes to think of two areas of your life that you’d like to upgrade and bring you more happiness. Once you’ve got your two areas, brainstorm all the ideas that you can think of that you’d consider as a doable upgrade. Now take action and put plans into place to make that happen!

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