Follow the Nudges

Have you ever noticed the clues and signs we receive along this road we call life? The synchronicities and the coincidences? The little nudges we receive to point us into the right direction?

Have you ever had that “gut” feeling that you couldn’t explain but trusted fully? Have you ever followed your heart? Have you ever known something without anyone else first telling you?

The nudges are all around us and we have become oblivious to them even though we follow them religiously.

When you feel hungry, you know it’s time to eat. That’s a nudge saying that your fuel tank is running low and it’s time to top up… and you obey.

When you see a car speeding towards you, you know it’s time to get out of the way. That’s a nudge telling you danger is very close and you need to move… and you obey.

When you hear the doorbell ring, you know to open the door. That nudge is telling you you have a visitor… but it’s up to you if you obey or pretend you’re not home... Or is that just me?

My point is that there are nudges all around us. You can label them whatever you want. God, the Universe, Source energy, Intuition, Nature or anything else. It’s not important.

There is a bigger picture, a higher power at work and just because we cannot comprehend or fully understand it all, doesn’t mean we can’t benefit from it.

What is important is that you listen to the calling.

This also includes your emotions. You’re emotions are there to tell you something important. Sometimes you need to deal with something lurking in the back of your mind before you can move on. Your emotions (especially repeat ones) are your nudges to face whatever it is that you need to face so that you can go through (and learn) whatever it is that you needed to in order to shed your old skin and grow.

There are signs and nudges everywhere, and if you chose to, you will see them too and can use them to guide you.

Sometimes our biggest problem is that we have too many options. First world problems, right?

How many times have you been asked “what do you want for dinner?” and you’ve racked your brain for an answer, but you can’t think of a meal you’d like to eat. Whereas if, instead, you was asked “What do you want for dinner, Pasta or salad?” It would be a lot easier to make up your mind.

If you follow the nudges, it takes the anxiety and stress out of making the “right” decision for fear of making the “wrong” one. Sometimes our brains can make a mountain out of a mole hill and dramatize something that really doesn’t need to be that complicated.

I receive nudges constantly. I receive signs and synchronicities that tell me I’m on the right path or perhaps I need to course-correct a little. It has helped me tremendously and I am getting quite good at learning to listen to my intuition more too.

If I see or hear something continuously and repeatedly, I might even google ‘spiritual meaning of a crow‘ or ‘ what does the number 4 symbolize?” The answer always blows me away as it’s always something I’m going through, dealing with or struggling with.

Life is rich with options and inspiration but if you’re feeling stuck, you might want to read this.

I invite you to be open to looking for the nudges that life is trying to give you. I invite you to be open to some love, guidance and a helping hand.

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