What are you Asking For?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat down with a client and asked them what they want and they’ve listed off all the things they don’t want.

But we’ve all done it, right? I know I have. You know what isn’t working for you in life so you’re like ‘Yeah, that. I don’t want that.’

Some of these might sound familiar…
I don’t want to be poor
I don’t want to be fat
I don’t want to feel tired all the time
I don’t want to be treated this way
I don’t want to feel stressed
I don’t want to work all the time
I don’t want to be in pain
I don’t want to cry all the time

The problem is, our subconscious mind works in pictures and doesn’t understand negative statements. So, if I tell you “Under no circumstances are you to think of a bright pink elephant” you can’t help but create an image of a pink elephant. Your subconscious mind doesn’t even acknowledge that I asked you not to do it.

So when you keep repeating your mantra of ‘I just don’t want to stressed anymore“, your mind just keeps creating images that represent you being stressed, even if you don’t realize it. The images then trigger an emotional response (which usually makes you feel like crap).

The faster and more frequent these images come up, the more they ingrain into your subconscious as a belief (you can read more about beliefs here).

Then, the Reticular Activating System (RAS) part of your brain works as a filtration system. Humans typically receive around 50 million pieces of information per second through our five senses but our RAS filters out most of it and only delivers to our conscious mind that which it believes is relevant to us, which is around 50 pieces.

How is this relevant?

Well, our RAS finds all the information or ‘evidence‘ it can to back up our belief systems, and anything that contradicts our beliefs will be completely filtered out and won’t even show up on your radar. So, if you keep focusing on your poverty, it will become your belief and even when you receive prosperity in your life, it will go over your head altogether because it doesn’t support your belief of poverty.

The misconception is that we assume that if we say we don’t want something, then we are obviously asking for the opposite.

This is wrong.

By saying you don’t want to be sad, you are not asking for happiness.
By saying you don’t want to feel tired, you are not asking to feel energized.
By saying you don’t want to be treated badly, you are not specifying how you do want to be treated.

Get practiced on asking for exactly what you do want instead of what you don’t want.

Stop saying “no” to what you don’t want and start saying “yes” to what you do want.

What have you been calling into your life by saying what you don’t want?
Can you think of a new statements that states what you do want?
Write down that statement now and then list 10 – 15 things you can think of to back up this new statement.

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