Being Too busy

Life’s busy, right? There are so many things we’d like to do, have and achieve, but finding the time to make them happen feels almost impossible.

We work ourselves to the bone, then we come home and have children to tend to, a home to maintain, food to prepare and somehow how find a way to regain our sanity too.

We are so busy that our minds are constantly running just to process the bare minimum. We forget birthdays, miss appointments, lose touch with friends and even family.

There doesn’t seem to be enough time to fit everything in and even when we ask for help, signs or guidance, we never seem to get it. We want new business ideas, clarity on our next steps in life or even just an insight to what to have for dinner, but our minds are so cluttered with every other decision we have to make and all the other 1001 things that we have on our to-do list that we can’t find the mental capacity to begin to comprehend it all.

I’m going to tell you how you can receive the clarity and intuitive guidance, but you might think I’m crazy and it goes against our logical mind.

In order to be more productive and receive the guidance and ideas that you’ve asked for, all you need to do is… stop.

I’m serious.

Make down-time a priority.

When you’re constantly busy and always on the go, you are running in reaction mode. You are just treading water and struggle to keep your head afloat. Your body and brain is in survival mode. There is so much focus on all that needs to be done right now, that the future doesn’t even exist.

What you really want is to planning and aiming for where you want to go, while enjoying the present. You want to be operating in action mode.

Read my blog, How to Reduce Overwhelm, for effective ways to handle your to-do list. This is a great start to freeing up your time.

Some of the top entrepreneurs of our time, Richard Brandon being one of them, say their best ideas came to them while on vacation.

This is because we’re not occupying our mind with all the daily tasks we have to do. We allow our mind a break and some time to wonder and explore possibilities. We allow ourselves the time to reflect on what we want and don’t want. What we like and don’t like. What we want more and less of in life. When you’re constantly busy all the time, you’re not pondering these questions.

I know, I know. We don’t have a private island to relax in a hammock for two weeks. But that’s not necessary. Even just taking the time to go for a walk and enjoying the view or cooking a delicious meal and allowing yourself the luxury of being present while you enjoy it instead of shoving something down your throat quickly so you can get back to work. Taking the time to enjoy a book or meeting up with a friend who lights you up. And, of course, the most powerful one, meditating.

By having a good system for your day-to-day actions, being present in the now but looking towards the future and allowing yourself, your body and your mind some well deserved time off, you will be amazed at the results.

Plan and organize your work load by following the steps here.
Think of an activity that you’d like to do in order for you to clear your mind and enjoy some down-time.
Schedule that into your diary now and make it a priority.

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