Emotional Wounds

Recently, I started watching this documentary series on Gaia called Sacred Powers with Caroline Myss. One particular episode really grabbed my attention and I want to share it’s message with you today.

When you cut your finger (for argument’s sake, let’s say it’s not too deep), you don’t have to consciously do anything to help the healing. Your body naturally tends to the wound. I’m no doctor but I know that, at a basic level, the platelets in our blood help to clot the wound and form a barrier (scab) to stop infection from entering. Then under the surface, your white and red blood cells, along with other chemicals in your body work in their own individual, specialized way to heal, remodel the area to return your body back to good health.

Healing is natural and automatic.

Caroline Myss said that the body’s natural state is good health and wholeness.
Yes, sometimes things happen that can alter this state, but good health and wholeness is our natural state, and everything within our being is working to return us to this state.

When a wound occurs, everything we have rushed to the wound to heal it because we were never meant to be wounded forever.

So what about emotional wounds?

This is where a lot of people will not like what Caroline had to say but before we get into it, let’s look at physical wounds again.

I have many scars on my body. All from wounds where I have tripped, fallen, had things dropped on me and some I can’t even remember. Each scar tells a story and each scar has become a part of the person that I am today. However, not one of my scars define who I am. Not one of my scars determine what I can and can’t do. Not one of my scars hold me back in life.

We seem to deal with emotional wounds differently.

An event happens at a point in time and we seem to suffer with it for months, or even years. We attach to the story and use to to shape our future. It doesn’t matter how many wonderful things happen in our lives, we keep coming back to our emotional wound. We identify as our wound.

Caroline talks about people sharing their wounds when meeting new people and in circumstances that are completely unrelated. I have to admit that I’ve done this. For some reason I’ve felt it’s necessary to share my pain so that people can ‘get a full picture’ about me.
But why? It’s none of their business and I also didn’t feel the need to mention all the wonderful blessings that I currently have or have experienced in my life.

For some reason, we live in a society where struggle seems to equal noble. The more we suffer, the more we deserve. I don’t know where this notion has come from, but let’s go back to Caroline’s statement.

The body’s natural state is good health and wholeness.

We carry past traumas and wounds into the present and allow our past to limit and decide our future. We allow our emotional wounds to determine who we are, what our personalities are, what we deserve in life, what we can achieve and how we behave.

We keep picking the emotional scab and never allow it to heal.

As Caroline says, this is not about dismissing how you feel. This is not about ignoring your past. I also want to stress it’s not a time for blame or shame. It’s just about allowing yourself to heal from past wounds and deciding not to carry their heavy load anymore. Don’t allow them to define or limit you.

Your natural state is good health and wholeness.
You deserve peace.
You deserve freedom.

Think about what you’re carrying around in your life that it’s time to let go of.
Write a letter to whatever or who ever it is that caused this wound.
Now, we’re going to do a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness called Ho’oponopono.
At the end of your letter write these four statements. After each statement you write, take some time to feel into each one before moving onto the next one. Repeat them as many times as you need.
I’m sorry
Please Forgive me
Thank you
I love you.

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