When Your Current Situation Holds You Back

Do you ever feel that the odds are stacked against you? Or that you don’t have it as easy as those born with a silver spoon in their mouth?

Do you ever think ‘why bother trying? People like me don’t get to do things like that.

If you do, you’re not alone. Most of us never even attempt to turn our dreams into reality because we believe our current circumstances reflect what’s to come in our future.

Of course, I’d love a big house and a cool million in the bank, but when I’m eating tuna out of a can and wrapped in multiple layers because I can’t afford to turn the heating on, what do you expect me to believe?

It’s interesting that we’re so quick to stick our heels in when it’s about ourselves, but when others can’t see past their current situation, we seem to have much more perspective.

When our children try to take their first steps but stumble and fall, we don’t say “Too bad. I guess this one’s not a walker.”

When our best friend comes crying that her boyfriend has broken up with her and she’ll never find love again, we don’t pat her on the head and say “I know, it’s such a shame.

We keep ourselves in our comfort zone for two reasons.
1. To keep safe and not put ourselves in situations that can harm us physically or emotionally.
2. So that we have a reason as to why we can’t and then can be right as to why we didn’t.

Let me tell you about about prisoner 19476/62 who was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1962 for conspiracy and terrorist charges. Those are some bold labels. He was later labelled the president of South Africa and a peace activist. When he was sentenced, Nelson Mandela didn’t let his current situation define the rest of his life, nor did he let other people’s opinions and labels of him hold any value in his heart. He stayed true to who he knew he was.

Did you ever hear about the homeless Canadian family of five living in a Volkswagen van surviving on canned food? One of the sons not only dreamed of living in a house and perhaps having his own bedroom and privacy, but decided to look past his current situation and chase his dreams. Jim Carrey went on to become a multimillionaire after starring in so many blockbusters of my generation and quickly became one of Hollywood’s hottest names.

In 1930, a young African-American boy was born into an extremely segregated country. His dad didn’t stick around and his brother died when he was five. Shortly after, he developed Glaucoma and started to go blind. As if that wasn’t hard enough, he had to endure racism and was expected to live a life of poverty due to his skin colour and his disability. When we was 14, he was life all alone when his mother, his only relative suddenly died. Ray Charles could have chose to give up at any one of his traumas, but he decided to follow his dreams and he became one of the most iconic musicians of all time, often being referred to as brother Ray or the genius.

Believe me when I tell you that I know life can be difficult. It can be so shit at times!But, please, for the love of god, don’t allow a difficult patch to define the rest of your days. Let it fuel you. Let it light the fire inside of you. Let it light the torch to led the way.

Ok, so some people have it easier than you. So what? There are many, many people who are born into wealth, good health or fame, and they reject it, lose it or throw it away.

Work for what you want, because you deserve it. You know what they say, keep your eyes on the prize.

What do you want, that you’re not currently reaching for?
Write it on the top of a sheet of paper.
Next, brainstorm all of the things you can think of that stand in your way
Now, identify each one and come up with as many solutions as you can to help you overcome this hurdle.

Choose one thing you can do right now that will help you get one step closer to what you want and without thinking too much or talking yourself out of it, do it now.

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