3 Mindset Shifts to Make More Money in Your Biz

Dear reader, I want you to make more money. Yes I said it.

I want you to be successful and happy and rich… in whatever way that looks like to you.

I want you to do it because you can and because you’ll feel empowered and because more money needs to be in the hands and bank accounts of people like you!

I want you to enjoy money and do incredible things with it.

I want you to wake up every day feeling blessed and grateful and RELAXED!

I want it to be easy for you. I want you to feel good while it’s happening.

I want you to know there’s another way than what we’ve been told. That sales don’t have to be pushy, sleazy or manipulative. That selling can be fun and feel good. Yes, that’s right.

I used to feel so weird about charging money, especially for doing something that I enjoyed, because I was nice and didn’t want to be seen as money-grabbing. It didn’t occur to me that I was offering people a luxury, professional service and treated them the the upmost care and respect. I didn’t understand the things that I now know.

Over the years, a lot of work on myself, thousands of hours consuming free content and a small fortune in courses, programs and workshops, I’ve learned this….

There’s another way to sell.

There’s a way to sell that feels good. That feels right and that feels like I’m providing a high service.

There’s a way to receive money and not feel weird about it.

I’m a female, a mother and an introvert.

I don’t want to pressure people in buying from me.
I don’t want to shout and scream at people about my offer.
I don’t want to follow 99% of the business advice I see and hear. It doesn’t align with who I am.

I want to sell easily and in a way that is from the heart. And I want you to know you can too.

That’s why I created my new course, How to Sell Without Selling and here’s 3 small, but effective mindset shifts to make more money from one of the modules in the course that I want to share with you:

  1. Being in business doesn’t mean you have to be a B*tch
    In fact, quiet the opposite.

    For too long, we’ve been given messages that you have to treat people unkindly to get to the top.
    And that being nice means you have to give everything away, never take, don’t even ask, work yourself to the ground and never want for more.

    In my experience, showing kindness encourages repeat customers along with people buying more or upgrading and not to mention recommending you to others.

    People want to feel special and not just another number or statistic so when you treat them with kindness, they feel heard, seen and valued.

    It’s not the kindness we need work on, it’s the confidence in our products or services and understanding the value that they offer. It also really helps for us to understand how others perceive value in order for us to be able to better serve them…. which then leads to more sales.
  2. Return back to why you started

    Before your business was a business, it was just an idea. It might have been a hobby, an interest or a way for you work around family life or bring in an additional income. It may have even been a way for you to share with others how you got through a difficulty and how they can too.

    Too often we get caught up in the admin stuff or the marketing stuff or the finance stuff or the social media stuff. Let’s rewind.

    Understanding (and returning to) why we started in the first place is a great way for us to pull back and remind ourselves of the value that we want to provide and what we want our biz to do for us. What emotions we want to feel from having our business and being a part of it.

    Taking it back to basics, back when it was fun and adventurous and exciting, helps us to stop thinking about the money.

    Money is not bad or evil, but it’s not enough of a motivation. Yes we need money to live, and money helps us to enjoy the finer things in life and money does some really amazing things in this world, but you never really started your biz for the money. You started for the passion, for the drive, for the enjoyment and for what the money could bring you, for what they money signifies.

    Yes businesses can adapt and change over time, but at their core, they always hold the same intent. To help, aid, serve or benefit people in some kind of way.

    When we return to our why, we remind ourselves of the core of our business and we can then figure out how to better serve our community… which then provides them with more value… which then leads to more sales.
  3. Stop making the numbers mean something about you
    It becomes a bit of a downward spiral when you aren’t making the money you’d like (or need) and it affects your confidence which then causes you to hide away and down-play the potential your product or service can offer people, which of course, then affects sales.

    In my course, How To Sell Without Selling, I’ll show you the sweet spot between how to feel connected enough to your business to sell from the heart and be authentic, but separated enough to not let results mean anything about you as an individual or affect your confidence.

    It’s important to feel connected to your business, but it’s also important to understand that there is a line between us and the products or services we are offering the world.

    In many ways, they are an extension of us, yes, but if we make our business about selling ourselves, then your business will naturally be affected by how you feel each day. And how you feel each day is affected by the many emotions we experience, by how much sleep we’ve had, by the relationships in our lives, by our hunger levels, by our finances.

    Your sales are not a reflection of who you are. They are a reflection of HOW you are. They are a reflection of how you’ve been showing up and THIS is exactly what the How To Sell Without Selling course is all about. How to Show up in your business in a way that feels good, empowering and confident WITHOUT feeling dishonest, sleazy, or manipulative. (And I’ll also touch on topics like feeling weird about receiving money and how we shift that.)

This course will help you sell more, yes, but more than that, it’l help you feel good about receiving the sales in way that feels kind of effortless and easy.

We absolutely talk about effective ways to market your biz, practical action steps and more but we go so much deeper than that as business isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of process.

You Want the Details?
Here’s what’s included…
(Doors Close Friday 1st October 2021)

Week 1 – We’re going to take a honest look at your biz. This is the foundation work for what’s to follow. We’re going to simplify some business jargon and look at how we use this information to our advantage.
You’re going to build your confidence and knowledge about your biz and what you’re offering.

Week 2 – This is where we really start to see shifts. We’re going to simplify the figures in way that’s easy to understand and not scary at all. I’ll help you to understand value and break down what that means and I’ll even help you to see that no matter what you’re selling, there is a market for it. A big one! In this section of the course, we look at the difference between ‘selling’ and ‘providing’ which is a key shift in bringing in more sales while feeling good about it.

Week 3 – Let’s make is easy for people to give you their money and for both you and the client to feel good about it. I will show you how to make your business easier for you (less work) while also more memorable for your clients/customers which will turn them into repeat customers and sing your praises to others.

Week 4 – With all the incredible information you will learn in the first three weeks, you will now have the ability to confidently, effectively and profitably market your biz in a way that feels good and right. I’ll show you how to get your biz in front of more people (without networking) and how to position yourself (or your business) as highly valuable with or without sales, which actually always results in more sales.

Plus, 3 BONUSES!

Now it’s your turn…
Here’s some journal prompts to help you understand and reignite with your passion around your biz:

What was my intention for starting my business? How can I use this information to offer value to my clients now?

In what ways does my kindness increase sales?

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