How Can I Help?

One day your life will flash before your eyes.
Make sure it’s worth watching

How can I help right now?

I want to help as many people live their most amazing life, so that no one has to reach the end of their life and question why they didn’t believe in their self more.

Whether you purchase one of my DIY courses, invest in a 1:1 coaching package, get my book, the web of grief and follow my advice or just complete the action steps in the blue box at the end of every one of my free blog posts, you matter. You are important. You have the ability to create the life you want and deserve and I welcome each and every one of you with open arms.

So please, add me on social media as I regularly put up free content to inspire and educate others, read my blogs to help you simplify and clarify your life, check out my Resources page and sign up to my free newsletter to keep up with any new content that I share.


Head over to my YouTube channel where I share real and honest conversations with people who have been through difficult times. They bravely share their struggle AND their successes. If they can do it, you can too.

Courses, Workshops and Programs

Head over to this page where you can view all of my DIY material.
This is great for if you’re nervous about on-to-one coaching, work better by yourself or if you’re looking for a more cost-effective way to create the change you want to see in your life.


I help to educate and inspire people who want to take a more proactive approach to their life rather than constantly reaction to circumstances. This ranges from taking massive yet calculated action to understanding your own emotions, belief patterns and mind so that you can use it to your advantage to make life feel easier and more enjoyable, or even free content like my blog posts and social media content.

This can be done in many ways. While some choose to have tailored 1:1 coaching, others may work better or feel more comfortable working through an online course or workshop at their own pace and in their own privacy. There is no right or wrong here as everyone is different. Listen to your heart and honor what you need. You can find out more information here.

What Is Coaching?

When you work with a sports coach, they help you achieve your desired sports-related performance goals. A life coach does the same but with your life-related performance goals.
Within the field of “life coaching” is about a million difference sub categories from spirituality to confidence to mental health to self-sabotage to goal setting and more.

“If you shine brightly, you unconsciously grant those around you the permission to shine brightly too”

What makes a good coach?

A good coach will provide a safe and welcoming environment for you whilst holding you accountable for your actions. She should be empathetic and non-judgmental but brave enough to offer another perspective on things. She should be flexible to work in a way that is suited to your needs and she should be able to refuse working with you if she feels you will not benefit from working with her.

What if, by succeeding, you inspire others to do the same and what if, one of your or their gifts changes lives for the better?
Don’t you owe it to humankind to to play your role and succeed?

Who I can help

I work best with women who:

  • Feel like there is more to life than they’re currently living
  • want to put themselves as more of a priority
  • know that they’re not living the life they should be
  • want to feel more connected to themselves
  • feel like they’re stuck
  • want to up-level their life
  • have blocks or limiting beliefs that hold you back that you want to work through
  • want to learn to love themselves a little more
  • want to step into a version of themselves that they know they can be but just don’t know how.

“When you’re in a good place within yourself, by the power of osmosis, the effects ripple out and improve other aspects of your life as well as the lives of those around you. The world needs more of that”