How To Sell Without Selling Course

For too long we’ve been told to work harder, longer and louder.
I’m here to tell you that there’s another way.

Small business?
Side hustle?
MLM Entrepreneur?

Do you have (or want to start) a small business to earn extra income that fits around YOU but you don’t know where to start? Or maybe you don’t know how to sell without feeling weird about it?
Then I designed this course for you.

Being a woman, an introvert and a mother, I couldn’t follow the typical business advice I saw in the world of:

  • Get in people’s faces
  • Work all the hours God sends
  • miss sleep if you have to have to!
  • How bad do you want it?
  • Attend Networking Events
  • Follow people online and then message them
  • As soon as someone shows interest, put the pressure on and go in for the hard sale

And all the other exhausting, soul-destroying advice I hear.
It just wasn’t for me.
At first I thought ‘maybe I’m not cut out for business?’ but the truth was, I just didn’t know there was another way. A more… heart-led way that felt good and… right to me and my business.

What is this course?

This course is about really understanding your business and what you have to offer in order to better serve the people who really need your product or service… through selling.

It’s an easy to understand 4 week course where we really dive into:

  • Simple yet effective ways to market your biz
  • Understanding the figures in a really easy way
  • Clarifying and reinforcing the value you offer and charging accordingly
  • building confidence in your products/services
  • How to make more money without feeling like your pushing your product/service in people’s faces.

You Want the Details?

Week 1 – We’re going to take a honest look at your biz. This is the foundation work for what’s to follow. We’re going to simplify some business jargon and look at how we use this information to our advantage.
You’re going to build your confidence and knowledge about your biz and what you’re offering.

Week 2 – This is where we really start to see shifts. We’re going to simplify the figures in way that’s easy to understand and not scary at all. I’ll help you to understand value and break down what that means and I’ll even help you to see that no matter what you’re selling, there is a market for it. A big one! In this section of the course, we look at the difference between ‘selling’ and ‘providing’ which is a key shift in bringing in more sales while feeling good about it.

Week 3 – Let’s make is easy for people to give you their money. I will show you how to make your business easier for you (less work) while also more memorable for your clients/customers which will turn them into repeat customers and sing your praises to others.

Week 4 – With all the incredible information you will learn in the first three weeks, you will now have the ability to confidently, effectively and profitably market your biz in a way that just feels good and right. I’ll show you how to get your biz in front of more people (without networking) and how to position yourself (or your business) as highly valuable with or without sales, which actually always results in more sales.

Who Am I?

I’m Rhiannon.
I’m a coach, a busy mum to three beautiful boys and one of my super powers is taking complicated jargon and putting it into normal words for others to understand.

Here’s how I know how to help you:

  • For 16 years, I have had numerous side hustles and money-making ventures where I worked out what worked and what didn’t
  • I started and grew my beauty business with no money, no business training and I did it part-time, without a website and around family life
  • I have spent thousands of pounds on business training & courses in recent years to help me learn, grown and discover new ways of doing heart-led business rather than sleazy sales tactics
  • I have spent thousands of hours watching and reading free content from others
  • I regularly help my coaching clients build, grow and start money-making ventures
  • I have been the go-to person and providing free business advice and consultancy for friends and family for YEARS!
  • Me and numbers have always been best friends. I know how to speak the language and how to translate it easily for others to understand too
  • I have been around plenty of friends, family, colleagues and peers with their own businesses and can easily see what works and what doesn’t, patterns in the successful ones and patterns in the ones that are struggling and also can easily spot the telltale signs of people who will sell more.

Ready to Learn:
How to Sell Without Selling?

This 4-week course is going to start Monday 4th October 2021.

Every Monday morning, you will receive an email with a brief layout of that week’s content along with the password you’ll need to gain access to the content, where you’ll find a video walk-through and a downloadable worksheet where you can easily follow along any work that is set.

Here’s a reminder:
Week 1 – We’re going to simplify some business jargon and look at how we use this information to our advantage.
Week 2 – We’re going to simplify the figures and clarify the difference between ‘selling’ and ‘providing.’
Week 3 – I will show you how to make your business easier for you (less work) while also more memorable for your clients.
Week 4 – You will learn how to market your products/services effectively and confidently.

Wait, There’s more…

A mini workshop about how your environment can affect your productivity and your sales

A mini workshop I’ve named “How to Spend Without Spending”. We look at how you can spend responsibly and feel good about it not to mention how we apply this information to benefit your own sales.

SHHHHH, this ones a surprise and it’ll come after the final module in the course. This is where BIG shifts come and you’ll be amazed.


  • Module 1 – Understanding and reconnecting with your business to improve sales
  • Module 2 – Understanding pricing, value and how to feel good when charging and accepting money
  • Module 3 – Creating a memorable business while making things easier for you
  • Module 4 – Marketing in a profitable and effective way and that still feels good and from the heart.
  • A worksheet to accompany each module
  • Bonus #1 on how your surrounding affects your money
  • Bonus #2, How to Spend Without Spending (and how can benefit your sales)
  • Bonus #3 – I’m still not telling yet.

All of this for only £297

What about for those people who want (and need) this course but also want additional, more personalized support?
Don’t worry, I’ve got you!

This course will absolutely help you to make the changes you want, and if you want to upgrade, here’s my VIP offer:

VIP Option

  • Gain full access to the course and all it’s content
  • 30 minute coaching call via zoom to discuss your individual circumstances and discuss next-steps for you and your business
  • I’ll take a look at one of your web pages, sales pages or social media accounts to give you constructive advice and feedback on how to better position yourself to gain more sales
  • After our call and I have seen one of your sales pages and I have a feel for you as a person as well a feel for what your business is about, I will suggest around 5 ways you can consider marketing your product/service



The course is listed in GBP, can I pay with a difference currency?
Yes. PayPal will automatically convert this course into your currency upon checkout.

Do I need a PayPal account to purchase this course?
No. I use PayPal checkout but you can use a credit or debit card through this service even if you do not have a PayPal account, you will just use the checkout as a guest.

What if I want a refund?
I am extremely confident in this course and it’s ability to help you and your business that I will gladly fully refund anyone with no questions asked if they are half way through the course and do not feel that they are gaining value from it.
If, by 14 days after the course has started (18th October 2021), you message me at asking for a refund because you haven’t gained any value from the course, I will process your refund and remove you from receiving anymore of the course content.

Do I need to currently be in business to do this course?
Nope. If you’re thinking about starting business or you’ve been wanting to take the leap, then this course is the perfect, affordable way to help you understand business and how you can make it work for you.

Do I have to complete this course within the 4 weeks?
No. Starting 4th October 2021, every Monday for 4 weeks, a new section of the course will be released. The content will available for at least 12 weeks to allow you plenty of time to watch and digest the information and also complete the worksheets at your own pace.

Do I have to submit my Worksheets?
No. These worksheets are for your own benefit to help you easily do the homework and activities I set you. There is nothing to stop you from just watching the videos for each week and making the necessary adjustments needed but I advise you do the worksheets to gain the maximum value from this course.

Do I have to have a zoom account to have the 30 minute coaching call in my VIP package?
No. You can access Zoom via the link I provide you at the agreed time and date and just use the service as a guest.

Does this course give financial advice?
No. I am not a financial advisor nor am I an expert on taxes, accountancy or investing.
This is course on how to sell from the heart, feel more confident in what you’re offering and understanding your customers or clients better in order to better serve them, which, ultimately, leads to more sales.