Online Journaling Workshop

Journaling Workshop

Process your emotions
Set your intentions

Journaling has been such a life-line to me in recent years.

It was the key thing that helped me through my grief, it has helped me to become a better mother, wife, daughter and friend. It has helped me to understand more, see other’s perspectives, clarify my dreams and become more present.

I have three different journaling styles that I will walk you through in this online workshop, each one is used to deal with or create a different emotion.

ONLY £25

Journaling style #1
This is a free-writing exercise that I use to explore and process how I’m feeling. There are no rules and no shoulds. There is a higher intelligence inside of you that can be accessed through journaling. Your higher self isn’t clouded with emotion and knows what you’re feeling, why you’re feeling it and the best steps to take in order to feel lighter, happier and freer.

Journaling style #2
Using the 28 day journal provided (or creating your own), investing just 3-4 minutes per day filling in short sentences, you train your brain to think forward and set intentions rather that just reacting to your day. You look for and notice the positives and you reinforce powerful perceptions about yourself in an easy and fun way.

Journaling style #3
I use this journaling exercise when I want to explore a specific area or issue. Similar to style 1, I free-write but this time on a specific question or journal prompt, which you can choose from of the prompts I give you or create your own.

What are the benefits of journaling?
Journaling has been a crucial part of healing for me and has since become daily practice where I can freely express and process how I feel. Journaling has many benefits, some of which include:

  • Stress reduction
  • Mindfulness practice
  • Boosts mood
  • Strengthens emotional coherence
  • Has been linked to reducing depression, anxiety, PTSD and enhances your sense of well-being

What’s included in this workshop?
Once you’ve successfully made your payment, you will automatically be redirected to landing page where you can enter your Email address where you’d like your Journaling Workshop to be sent to. In your Email, you will receive:

  • A 40 minute video workshop ready for you to watch at a time that is convenient for you explaining my three different styles of journaling, the benefits, step-by-steps and little hacks I use.
  • PDF downloads for each style of journaling including a list of journal prompts and a 28-day journal to feel more worthy and empowered
  • Resources and inspirational content to support you beyond your workshop

You don’t need any special pens, paper or other equipment. I don’t have an expensive journal, I just use whatever pretty notebook I’ve bought recently, but you can use any paper you have laying around, including the back of an old envelope, if you want.

How much is this workshop?
This journaling workshop is only £25!

All payments are made through PayPal, although it is not compulsory to have a have a PayPal account as you can pay directly from a credit or debit card.
If you would like to know any further information, or if your Email hasn’t arrived (don’t forget to check your junk/spam box), please do not hesitate to contact me either through the contact me page on this website, or Email me at
Please note that this workshop is non-refundable

When I first launched this workshop, I ran an offer and 100% of the proceeds went to the TTI foundation to support young black girls and young women have access to an education, food and solar energy to help empower them, give them options and opportunities to live a life they want rather than one they are told they should.
This foundation was created by an inspiring woman who worked hard to get her education and make something of her life and it all started because one person gave her the belief that she could. She founded the TTI foundation to spread that belief and opportunity to many that may never have had that privileged. To read more about the TTI foundation, or donate to them directly, click here.