Self-Love Challenge

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Life’s busy, right? We are trying to raise children, keep our partners happy, keep our bosses off our backs, maintain friendships, visit family and find the time to clean our homes. What about our own needs? What about giving ourselves some of the love we constantly give out to other people? What about making ourselves more of a priority in order to be a more patient parent, a more loving partner, a more productive person at work, a happier human!

I have designed this 10 day challenge to help you easily give to yourself a little more while still going about your day-to-day life, because, hello? You deserve it!

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  • An easy (and mostly free) daily action step to help you give to yourself a little more – sometimes in areas you didn’t even realize you were neglecting yourself – I speak from experience!
  • A short journal prompt to help get a little deeper and shed anything that is not supporting you from seeing how amazing you truly are. This steps helps you create long-lasting change by glowing from the inside out.

These emails are peppered with some powerful bonus material too that’ll help you deepen and continue your self-love journey.


What is Self-Love?

You hear ‘Self Love’ being thrown around so much on social media. But what is it?
Self love is just love of the Self.
It’s caring for the needs of the Self.
It’s being kind, patient and gentle with the Self.
It’s honoring the needs of the Self and forgiving the mistakes of the Self.
It’s being supportive and a cheerleader of the Self.
It’s accepting the perfectly imperfect being of the Self… exactly as it is.

We learn so much in our short lives through formal education, our environment, our role models and peers and through new opportunities – and challenges. But it’s very rare that we’re taught it’s ok to show ourselves some of the love that we freely give to others. Nearly everything around us is telling us we’re not good enough, incomplete, a failure, unsatisfied and ‘different’ and so, unfortunately, we begin to believe this so much we see it as fact.

Love is infinite and we give it freely every single day but we are so harsh and critical of ourselves. We blame and shame ourselves for things that we did but also for things that were not our doing or beyond our control.

The people, animals and things we love so much are not perfect, they are flawed too – but we accept them as they are and love them regardless. Other people love us, exactly as we are. So it’s not that we’re unlovable. It’s that our vision is tarnished. Like looking at a beautiful sunset through a pair of glasses with decades of shit clogging up and altering the view.

Learning to love yourself after decades of learning the opposite is like learning anything. It takes time. It’s a process. It’s a journey. It’s ok to not be thrilled at certain aspects of yourself or your life. You have the power to make the change. Just take one day at a time. But accept where you are, how you are and what you are as a starting point.

Forgive yourself for making mistakes. We all do it!
Be kind to your body.Learn to love yourself a little more every day so that you have the courage and drive to be the person you know you are inside.

I’d love to take you a little deeper into your journey of being kinder, more forgiving and accepting of yourself with my 10 day Self Love Challenge.
10 days of small yet powerful action to help you learn to deposit a little self love every day without feeling too out of your comfort zone AND creating lasting change.

Who Am I?

I’m Rhiannon.
I’m a coach, a mama to 3 beautiful boys, a wife, a daughter and one of my super powers is to give people the permission to be themselves.

For as long as I can remember, I have been a cheerleader of people. No matter what box you (or others) might put yourself in, I’ve always been accepting – and encouraging- of people’s individuality, of their story and of their desires.

People call me friendly, approachable and motivating. But the truth is, I’m just so in awe of people, their uniqueness and a HUGE supporter of people stepping into their power- however that looks to them.

and P.S….
I don’t like things to be hard. So, I love finding the easiest, most direct way to do something. Life’s too short, right?


Can I do this in my own time?
Yes! I like to send my courses straight to your inbox so that you can access the information at a time that suits you. Also, by delivering the information to your inbox, you can revisit the content as much as you like and whenever you need to.

I’ve done your I Am Enough course, is this different?
Yes. This is a 10 day challenge designed to be fun and easy, whereas the I Am Enough course is a more in depth and transformational course. While they both compliment each other, they are individual and beneficial in their own way.

If I don’t like the course, can I get a refund?
I believe in the content within this challenge so much that if you don’t love how easy, yet effective it is, I’ll give you a full refund up to within 5 days of signing up. Just drop me an email at After that, I’ll know you’re loving the challenge as much as I do and continue delivering it’s content at which point things get really good.

How can I join?
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